Happy 2013!!

Wow! It’s already 2013!

I hope everybody had a great Xmas and a happy new year!

It seems like 2012 went and gone way too fast. A lot of things happened in 2012, for me Hope~ demo coming out and launching the website was a dream come true.  Seeing all the wonderful feedback from you guys, the fans, was really amazing and touched me in many ways and it made it all so much worthwhile. Seeing all the love you guys have been showing be it by twitter, facebook or even email messages it’s what keeps me pumping and wanting to bring you even more and more quality! So a big thank you, to you fans, from me! 🙂

Regarding what’s in store for 2013, a new journey begins and I hope that even before the end of this year, every single of you reading this text will be enjoying this game in your computer.

So whats in store for the next months to come?

In the following months, I’ll show you some new content, shed some light on some characters and start to spotlight a few of them. Fan polls also incoming!

Regarding the game dev progress, things have been very slow in December, a lot of stuff happened and being that special month of the year it was kinda of a frozen month. January resumed the normal development of the game and everything is pumping again. Even has I speak new art is being produced, Deji has been tireless in her work and I’m absolutely loving her sketches. New CG and poses are scheduled. Keep an eye on her tumblr or twitter, you might spot some or other sketch popping up^^


Following this line, I’m planning on starting a campaign in Indiegogo(similar to kickstarter) to help a bit on the funding and releasing  the game.  A lot of surprises and special gifts will be made available, and some of them will be fully custom and personal!  But I’m getting ahead of myself,  more details will come in a future time! Keep checking our website^^

Now on to some other rather quick announcments:

-Tatami Visual Arts has also a new logo, the person responsible for this is non other than Deji! Thanks again Deji for the awesome logo!

-The download link in the site for the demo is broken at the moment, I’ll fix it this as quickly as possible and it should be up and running again by tomorrow.

There a lot more of surprises in store for 2013 for you guys. This will be a year filled with Hope content!

Now last but not least, the almighty student council vice president has a announcement for you:



I heard a interesting rumour spreading in our school.”

“Apparently there might be some special gifts for a few lucky individuals who are following us in facebook… a raffle of some sort…”

“I heard that you have until one month before the game is released to be eligible to win this special gift. Fufufufu, you don’t need to thank me now, I’m sure you will have the opportunity the next time we  meet.”


Happy 2013 everyone! May your Hopes and dreams come all true this year 🙂


Small update

There are some users experiencing problems playing the Mac version of the demo, I’m really sorry about that.

I’m currently working on a patched version of the demo that will solve some of the issues reported. In the meanwhile if you have this problem with the screen going black when you reach the main menu, you can use a temporary solution:

The problem only occurs when the application is started in full screen. Start it on window mode and then turn it to full screen, it will work correctly this way. Before exiting the game, just go window mode again, the game will remember if it was running full screen or window mode.

(Thanks you Deji, for this solution!)

There were also some problems with the linux download link, so my apologies. I’ve updated the download section with a new link. You can download it from here:


That is all!

Keep following us for fresh news!


Hope~ Demo, it’s finally here!

Here it is, as promised! As of today you can download Hope~ Symphony of Tomorrow from our website.

There is a new Demo section created where you can find the Win, Mac and Linux version of the demo for download.

Any problems, bugs or requests you can mail me at tatami.visual@gmail.com or takanashi@tatami-visual.com

I hope that you enjoy playing it! 🙂

And don’t forget to like us on facebook!


It just takes a second 🙂 support Hope~!

The return of the… missing developer!

Hi guys! Taka here.You ‘might’ have noticed my absence for a while now. In short, life is full on unforeseen events and a lot of stuff happened in the past two months.  I’m truly sorry for my lack of updates.

Worry not, as for more than a week now, I’ve been back on full steam on Hope~.

You might have already noticed, we have now a new domain for awhile now. http://tatamivisual.com

Another thing I want to share is our first fanart ever!

This lovely Eri chibi was made by Kevin Cottenie and posted on our Facebook page a while ago. Big thanks to Kevin for this awesome fanart!

If you have a fanart from Hope~ that you would like to share, don’t hesitate to post it on our facebook!

So, what’s next? I bring good news: The demo is officially finished and (almost) bug free!!! There were some bugs hindering it that have been fixed and it’s now fully playable. It’s already powered by the new and improved Ren’py 6.14.1. As soon as I have greenlight from the proofreaders/beta testers it will go live.

Wednesday night, there might be another newspost here^^

Now that the time is close, there are some things I want to point out about the demo:

  • This is an alpha demo, some of the contents might be different in the final version(menus, etc)-
  • The current resolution is 1280×720. For the final version, I’ll make a optional, lighter version more computer friendly.
  • Lenght wise, I’ll say it’s about 30 minutes of gameplay.
  • There might be some new character appearances(and some missing).
  • Your feedback is important to us, never forget this!

Now for a random rambling. Last week I have seen the anime Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. I really loved it, a slice of life tear jerker. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much. Anyone who is wanting to see a good slice of life with its fair share of melodrama, I can’t recommend it enough!

See ya on Wednesday!

Delays, delays, delays!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but time has been rather scarce lately ^_^’

But enough excuses! You are all probably wondering, ‘Where is Hope’s demo?”

I’ll be releasing the demo on the 01/07/2012! The demo is not dead, rest assured!

I’ve finished up the making and coding of all the menus right now. The quick menu is also fully functionall right now.

Here you can see the main menu of Hope~

Keep in mind, that this might end up suffering adjustements until the final release of the game!

Just polishing up the demo and making it ready for the release. It isn’t long now 🙂


We’ve moved!

Hello there!

So much time has passed since my last update, hasn’t it? Well there was a reason for it and the waiting time will be worth it, since this post has all kinds of juicy news!

First and foremost, Tatami Visual Arts is going to change his adress! Frow now on you’ll be able to find our new home at:


Head over and check it out! It’s still undergoing some changes but it’s completely usable.

Why this change? As a natural step and in order to improve the quality of the website I felt that the time was right for this change. Altough this post is being made in both sites, in the future we are permanently moving to that adress, so please bookmark our new home on your browsers!^^

Well now that the cat is out of the bag is time for more game related news!

I’ve been trying to avoid posting any related news for the couple of weeks since I wanted them to correspond with the new website launch. I wanted to touch two particular subjects:

First one is that Hope~ might have more in store that you already knew! Anybody mentioned… a new character??!

W-what?! Who is this?! I don’t seem him in the original lineup!! What kind of sorcery…

That’s right, there might be more surprises in store on this chapter for the full game. No there are no more heroines/major characters planned besides the ones you’ve seen in the original concept sketch, but there might be some more minor characters additions. I’ll shed more light on the subject on a future dev post, in the meanwhile a big thanks to my great friend Kanta-kun and his envolvement on this particular chapter, this is only possible due to his hard(and great) work!

And finally the one I think it will be the major news in this newspost. There is going to be a Hope~ Demo in the following weeks to come!!!! That’s right! You are not misreading it. Why now and such ahead of schedule you might ask?

I feel that the time is right for bringing out a demo for Hope~. It will not reflect the final state of the game, the content might even be subject to large changes, but this will allow me to show that work is actually being put forth to it and to collect that so very important feedback from you, the fans!

So keep checking our site, twitter and facebook for those super juicy news and release date on the demo!

For me that’s it! And out!